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Due to Church commitments, the family does not appear with Mark on Sundays.  However, Mark is available for solo ministry on a full-time/year round basis.  

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Mark Mudd & Family

Mark's YouTube Channel contains videos of Mark and the group singing LIVE!  CLICK HERE!

Updated October 10, 2019​​

Mark Mudd and Family Schedule​​​

Sunday, September 8, 1:00PM Ebenezar Presbyterian Church, 5757 Sugar Grove Rd, Bowling Green, KY  Family

Tuesday September 24, 7:00PM Ohio County Gideon Pastor Appreciation Meeting/Meal, Ohio County Extension Office, 1337 Clay St, Hartford, KY Solo

Sunday, September 29, 1:00PM,  Phillips Chapel Worship Assembly, 500 Orchard St, Owensboro, KY SOLO

Sunday, October 13, 10:00AM Huntsville Baptist Church, 4505 Huntsville Quality Rd, Lewisburg, KY  SOLO

Sunday, October 20, 10:00AM Cave Spring Baptist Church, 1645 Flint Ridge Rd, Horse Cave, KY  SOLO


Sunday, November 10, 10:00AM Cromwell United Methodist Church, 6023 Hwy 231 Cromwell, KY SOLO

2020 Appearance Schedule

Sunday, February 23, 11:00AM Rineyville Baptist Church, 5629 Rineyville Rd, Rineyville, KY  Solo

Sunday, September 13, 1:00PM Ebenezer Presbyterian Church, 5757 Sugar Grove Rd, Bowling Green, KY  Solo